All players are expected to be at games and practices. One hour before games and in plenty of time to be on ice, in time, for practices. The coaching staff and management are aware that, occasionally, it is not possible to be in attendance at a game or practice due to work or school obligations, or unforeseen personal circumstances. If you know you can’t make it to a game or practice please complete the form below and indicate in the comments section the games and/or practices you are unable to attend and your reasons for not being available.  All responses will be sent by email to the coaches and management but will be considered confidential. If your unavailability is due to a sudden, unexpected occurrence that email would not be an appropriate form of communication to convey, then you should immediately contact Coach Don or one of the other coaches by way of voice message or text, as they may not have immediate access to their emails. The key to this is to ensure you COMMUNICATE with us!! Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS FORM CANNOT BE SUBMITTED VIA CELL PHONE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. Until further notice, if your only access to the website is through the internet via your cell phone, then send a text message to the coaches and management. Thank you,