Car Pool to Penhold

If anybody is interested in car pooling to Penhold for tomorrow’s game, some of us will be meeting at the Max Bell arena ahead of time and leaving at 2:00 sharp. If you would like to car pool but find you’re going to be a little bit late to get to Max Bell, then you need to let us know. Otherwise, we’ll see you at Penhold.


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Thrashing the Hounds

 After a slow first period start the Calgary Titans came back to defeat the Medicine Hat Hounds with a score of 5-1. Kristi Schaefer scored the Titans first goal at the beginning of the second period giving the game a 1-1 score. Jenna Firkus scored the game-winning goal, with goals followed by Dali Holloway, Alyssa Wright, and Maddie Wilton-Clark. It was a great season opener for the Titans to come away with the win.

written by Kailynn Snelgrove

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Volunteers and Sponsors Needed

We are currently looking for Home Game Volunteers

Time Clock, Score Sheet,:Penalty Box:, Music and Jerseys.

Team Sponsors and Fundraising Ideas.

If you can assist please e-mail Susan and Bob at

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Team Photos

We will be taking  our team photos this Saturday, September 27 at Winsport C.  Individual player photos will be taken at 1:00 followed by the  team shot.  We will be wearing our red jerseys, and black socks.

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Player Availability

ajfhl team

You will notice on the website there is a new tab called “Player Availability Notification”.  When you click on it you will find a form that requires that a player’s name and comments be submitted.  The comments are for the player to advise what games and/or practices the player will not be available for and the reasons why the player is not able to attend them.  If a player knows there will be a game or practice that the player cannot attend then the player must complete this form and submit it, even if the player has already mentioned it to Craig, Bob or Susan or any of the coaches.  The information will immediately be sent to management via email and arrangements to have an affiliate player called up and play.  If a player is going to be late for or will miss a game or practice due to reasons that have arisen suddenly, i.e. poor road conditions, sudden illness, etc., then the best course of action is to send a text message to or call and leave a voice message with any of the coaches.  Please use this form to keep us posted on your lack of availability.  It is not necessary to advise us that you are available, as that is assumed, unless you are specifically requested to do so.

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ajfhl team

This past weekend was filled with great hockey for the Calgary Titans. The team participated in the AFJHL Showcase Tournament, ending the weekend off with a win against the Banff Academy to finish in 3rd place. The team came out of the gate running keeping the score at 0-0 until the end of the second scoring the first goal of the game with less than a minute left in the period. Banff came back to score one early in the third before the Titans scored two to make the score 3-1. Banff scored the last goal making the final score 3-2. Congratulations go out to the Titans for a great weekend filled with great hockey.

-written by- Kailynn Snelgrove

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Come Join Us For Lunch

We have some time between games during the Tournament on Friday so we have booked the Olive Garden, at 36th Street and Memorial Drive,  333 36 St NE.   This is an optional Dutch treat.   Lunch menu items range from $ 6.00 – $15.00. To see a full menu go to Please RSVP if you will be joining us.

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Team Dress Code

The Titans expect all players and coaching staff and other team officials to dress appropriately for all games.  For the coaches that is a dress jacket, tie and dress slacks.  For the players, that is dress attire suitable for a young lady who takes game day seriously.  That means no denim materials such as jeans, cargo pants or tee shirts.  You know what I’m driving at and if you don’t, come and talk to me!!  Game day should always be considered a special day, one that requires serious game contemplation and preparation, including diet, rest and dress attire which all adds up to respect for your teammates and the team and ultimately ensuring you play the best you can.

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Please go to the schedule tab/link to see tournament games x 2 for Friday and game Saturday.  Our tournament results will determine whether there is likely to be a second game Saturday and a final game on Sunday although we are guaranteed 5 games on the weekend.  We have been allocated the two games on Friday to allow the traveling teams an opportunity to get here on Friday.  Entire showcase tournament, rules and schedule can be found in News tab on our website.  Even if you can’t make it for one or either game on Friday, or for only part of a game, please try your best to organize your schedule to participate in this important, inaugural event.  It is going to set the team up for a great start to the season.  Also, please make sure you have a pair of all black and a pair of all white, no colours or stripes at all, hockey socks to wear with our home and away jerseys.  These will be needed for the rest of the season.  Also, if you have a black helmet, please wear it as that is best for the appearance of the team.  Finally, although we are trying to give you the best information possible at this time so you can plan accordingly, the showcase tournament is still in a formative stage and some changes could yet be determined so, please regularly check the website for any updates to the schedule or other tournament information.  The tournament represents the unofficial beginning of our season and we’re all looking forward to getting started.  I can hardly wait to get going!!!

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2014/15 Team Fee Due

The 2014/15 team fee of $1,000.00 is now due.  It can be paid in 2 instalments.  $500.00 now and $500.00 on or before December 1.  Payment can be made by cheque, payable to the Calgary Titans, or cash.

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