2012/2013 season

First of all if you have suffered an injury, you must let the coaching staff know about it.  All players are expected to be responsible for their own health and welfare.  However, if you suffer an injury and you are receiving medical treatment for it, you may have coverage that is in addition to any existing coverage you currently have through the insurance carried by Hockey Canada.   While the focus of this page is for the players, the coverage also extends to coaches, team officials and spectators who may suffer an injury at one of our sanctioned events, i.e. practice or games, meetings, etc..  The administration of claims is handled through Hockey Alberta.

For more information about what to do if you are injured and considering whether to make a claim through the insurance  carried by Hockey Canada that may be avialble to you, you should visit the Hockey Alberta website under the Members section, highlight the Members tab and see Insurance found in the drop down menu.  You can find good general information about the insurance coverage and the form you need to have completed by yourself and one of the team officials, i.e. the coaches, or managers, need to sign it as well in the place provided on the form.

The following links may be helpful:

General Insurance Information

Injury Report Form