Edmonton Wolves defeat the Titans 4-0 – November 16

After the Titans dispatched the Sherwood Park Steel on Saturday they met their match on Sunday against the Edmonton Wolves. The Wolves are in first place in the Northern Division and are undefeated this year. From the outset of the game the Wolves demonstrated their speed and skill and why they have enjoyed so much success this year. The Titans appeared to be a bit tentative to start the game and rather than initiate plays seemed to be content to play a defensive style of game and let the Wolves come at them. The Titans were able to hold the Wolves at bay until the Wolves scored a short-handed goal approximately mid way through the first period and there was no further scoring, although, the Wolves also failed to capitalize on several good scoring opportunities. The second period was a much better effort by the Titans and the play was relatively close with a slight edge going to the Wolves and there was no scoring however, the Titans had a very close shot go off the post near the end of the period. The third period saw the Wolves assert themselves again and they scored three goals to win the game 4-0.

I think it fair to say that the score might have been more lopsided had it not been for the brilliant play of the Titan’s goalie, Shen Justason, who made several breathtaking stops throughout the game and was very solid from start to finish and was clearly the Titan’s star on the ice.

All in all, the road trip ended with 1 win and 1 loss, which isn’t too bad considering. Coupled with the Warriors loss, that gave the Titans a 2 point cushion for third place between the two Calgary teams.

One another note worthy point, the team captain and assistants were decided by the players on the way up to Edmonton and congratulations go to Jenna Firkus, elected team captain, and the three assistants Leticia Janzen, Sarah Sparrow and Enid Kozak.

Up next weekend is a trip to Medicine Hat and Lethbridge to play the last and first place teams in the Southern Division.

Go Titans!!


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