Player Availability

ajfhl team

You will notice on the website there is a new tab called “Player Availability Notification”.  When you click on it you will find a form that requires that a player’s name and comments be submitted.  The comments are for the player to advise what games and/or practices the player will not be available for and the reasons why the player is not able to attend them.  If a player knows there will be a game or practice that the player cannot attend then the player must complete this form and submit it, even if the player has already mentioned it to Craig, Bob or Susan or any of the coaches.  The information will immediately be sent to management via email and arrangements to have an affiliate player called up and play.  If a player is going to be late for or will miss a game or practice due to reasons that have arisen suddenly, i.e. poor road conditions, sudden illness, etc., then the best course of action is to send a text message to or call and leave a voice message with any of the coaches.  Please use this form to keep us posted on your lack of availability.  It is not necessary to advise us that you are available, as that is assumed, unless you are specifically requested to do so.

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